Fall || Seasonal Cheese Board

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I’m sure you already know my obsession with cheese and charcuterie boards – I make them for dinners, for parties or just easy nights in for two. The toppings are endless and you can be so creative about them so it’s never boring. 🙂 This board I’m celebrating the start of Fall with seasonal ingredients like figs and pomegranates and a sweet addition: Pocky Chocolate and Chocolate Banana! Read on for the full ingredient list and get your Fall Board on!  *This blog post is sponsored by Pocky.


  • Chocolate Pocky
  • Chocolate Banana Pocky
  • crackers of your choice (I used parmesan cheese crackers)
  • coconut chips
  • pomegranate (cut in 4’s)
  • mint
  • sun dried tomatoes
  • almonds
  • prosciutto
  • salami
  • chocolate of your choice
  • strawberries
  • blue cheese
  • toscano cheese soaked in syrah
  • figs
  • honey


Wash + slice your strawberries and figs in half and start to assemble your board. I normally start with putting down the cheeses and meats first, then the Pocky and end with the smaller items like mint and sun dried tomatoes! Place all your items on your favorite board, add some knives for slicing the cheese + enjoy!

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