The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

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The Ultimate Foodie's Holiday Gift Guide

The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our 2021 holiday gift guide is fiiinally here! I love LOVE the holiday’s, as I’m sure you can tell by now! We are finally here with the most amazing gift guide.. ever! These are all items I LOVE and use daily, and also items that I’ve gifted throughout the years.

The below items are ALL my go-to’s, and I hope you like this gift guide!

Food & Kitchen

1. Cowgirl Creamery Tasting Box

Is there anything better than the gift of CHEESE!? I love everything Cowgirl Creamery (their Mt. Tam is unreal!), and they have the most amazing gift sets you can check out here.

2. Hedley & Bennet Aprons

My love for Hedley & Bennet runs deep. Their aprons are so well made, functional and SUPER cute. It is such a special gift. I’ve definitely built up my own collection and around the holidays, I’ve always gifted family members that love to cook with an apron!

3. Brightland Olive Oil

Another great gift is Brightland Olive Oil. They have fun funky designs, and the olive oil is seriously next level.

4. Food 52 Mugs

I just got 2 beautiful mugs from Food 52. They work with local ceramicists on a lot of their mugs, and it’s a great one of a kind gift to give someone. I know I get SO happy when I get a new piece!

5. Matcha Set

If you know me by now, you know I love my matcha, and it’s an important part of my morning routine. Give this gift to someone who may be interested in trying out matcha, or someone who already loves it. You can buy them a cute lil set to get going! This set linked above is by Alfred’s, a popular LA coffee/tea spot I love to go to!

I also love Ippodo Tea balanced/Ikuyo and use this matcha powder when I’m making matcha’s @ home.

6. Maldon Salt

Nuff’ said. This is always stocked in the house. The link above is for a huge tub, which is a pretty cool gift! You can also get these cute small ones. That is a great affordable and super cute option for a gift, a gift add-on or a stocking stuffer.

7. Lodge Cast Iron

My lodge cast iron’s have been with me for years (and I mean, years), and it just gets better with age. They are SO affordable, and will be so versatile for anyone that loves cooking!

8. A BIG Bundle of Celsius

Iykyk my obsession with Celsius. For a few years in a row now I’ve gifted huge cases of Celsius to my sister and dad. Not even kidding. Peach vibe is my favorite.

9. Global 3 Piece Knife Set

Global is one of my favorite knife brands. They are lightweight, and haven’t dulled one bit.

11. Simple Modern Cup

Okay, I’ve gifted this time and time again. I do not go anywhere without my simple modern cup, and I mean everywhere! It follows me around the house and in the car. This is the most simple gift, but I promise you, it will be so well appreciated and used!

12. Verve Coffee Beans

For the coffee lover! LOVE Verve Coffee Beans.

13. Spice Tribe Spice Set

I gift this time and time again. Spice Tribe has some awesome spice blends/spice blend sets that are absolutely perfect for gifting!

Worth The Splurge

14. Zojirushi Rice Cooker

One of my most used appliances. Perfect rice every single time.

15. Zojirushi Electric Skillet

Another Zojirushi product! This is a fun gift for someone who loves hot pot, or having a night in while eating around/cooking around the table. It is a fun activity to do at home!

16. Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer

This Ninja Foodi is such a wonderful holiday gift. It does SO much. It air fries, pressure cooks and so much more. We use ours often.

One of my fave recipes, our lemon pepper wings were used with this!

17. Staub Cast Iron Cocotte

Another staple in my every day cooking. All of my cocotte’s have been with me for years! I use them for soups, braises, stews, pasta and SO much more.

18. SMEG Kettle

I use my kettle every single day. From matcha’s, to nighttime tea, this is such a special and cute gift.


If you’re feeling real fancy. I LOVE my Gozney for making pizza’s (and more). If you want to go all out with a gift, this is it!

20. Boos Butcher Block

My boos blocks sits on my countertop and is used many times per day. It is such a great gift for someone who loves to cook!

The Ultimate Foodie's Holiday Gift Guide

Self Care & Home

  1. Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Sheets

These are my favorite, and the best ever sheets! I feel like absolute luxury, and they get softer with each wash.

2. 5 Minute Journal

A great gift that is meaningful and useful. Great way to start the year as well, I love mine!

3. Replica Perfume in Coffee Break

My new go-to and fave scent right now! It stays on for SO long and the scent is longing, and addicting.

4. Branch Basics Set

I use branch basics for my kitchen hand soap to my all purpose cleaner. They also have an amazing oxygen boost that gets out stains insanely well. One time I cracked a bottle of hot sauce on my kitchen carpet (completely exploded!) and the oxygen boost cleaned it up.

5. Necessaire

I’ve used (and gifted) Necessaire for a long time now! I started with their eucalytus body wash, but now I use their whole line like body lotion, hand cream and exfoliator.

6. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

This goes everywhere with me around the house. In bed, on the couch. I snuggle up to it constantly, it is SO soft.

7. Ugg Slippers

I’ve gifted this to my dad and mom last year, and they wear it every. single. day. You can’t go wrong! I also wear mine around the house every day!

8. Diptyque Candle

Luxury at it’s finest.

9. Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Love leaving this going in the bathroom with a eucalyptus scent! Maj spa vibes.

10. Aerie PJ Sets

Another gift on repeat for me! I’m all for practical gifts, and I LOVE a good PJ set (for myself, and for gifting!)

Thanks for reading our 2021 holiday gift guide, happy shopping!

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