Loaded Cheese and Salami Board

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My go-to for summer entertaining: this cheese and charcuterie board. Filled with cheddar cheese, habanero cheese, olives, assorted salamis + more. You can make this ahead of time for a party and place in the fridge, or sometimes I just like to snack on it for dinner with some fresh and toasted baguette or crackers – totally up to you! What I like to do is make a sandwich with crackers, mustard, cheese and the salami’s, yum! For this charcuterie and cheese board, I used an assortment of Cabot Cheese to assemble the board.


Olives, Cabot Cheese Habanero, Cabot Cheese Seriously Sharp Aged Cheddar, sun dried tomatoes, grapes, okra chips, Calabrese salami, strawberries, mustard


All you need to do is get your favorite cheese board or platter, place on your cheeses first, then your meats, then add on your small bowls for mustard, olives or anything else you prefer. Then generously spread around your fruit – grapes, strawberries as well as sun-dried tomatoes. Serve with cheese spreaders and knives – enjoy!


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